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Around here we're all about living a life you don't need a vacation from. ***Michaela Lemoine, Seasoned Photographer and Mom-preneur, shares stories, tips and insights in this unique, Limited Edition, self-help guide. Gathered from her 10+ plus years experience in this industry, she aims to help the next creative flourish into their own journey of Entrepreneurism learning from her own trials.

Photography is what I do for a living,

I love to help other photographers succeed in their own lives too

creator, author, ENTREPRENEUR + coach

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." -Annie Leibovitz 

my story

Born and raised in Miami, FL with a Haitian-American upbringing. Being Haitian is one thing I am mostly proud of; I love everything about our culture and obsessed of learning more about my roots. I’ve been a photographer for about 13 years, 4 of them being self-made. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the likes of Kelà Walker, Lisa McGregor of Passport Pleasures, B Collective Magazine, Dion Waiters, Lavontè David, Mike & Maurkice Pouncey with an array of other Athletes, Influencers, and Business owners. Most recently I’ve become obsessed with content creation which has inspired me to document my life and capture my travels around with world with my clients. Speaking clients, a lot have become my extended family along with two children, parents, and my new dog Ashton.

CURRENT song on repeat:

Heated + Thique (Beyoncé)


Resort to Love

favorite place i've visted:

Mykonos, Greece


Horse back riding

MY favs

"To see how much you've grown from the first time I shot with you, I just want to give you your flowers while you're here. You are our photographer for life."

Preston & Debbie

"You really out-did yourself with this."

Midely & Jenkins

"You made our day perfect!"

Moya & akelah

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